Appropriate laboratory test utilization to enhance patient safety and reduce waste

Appropriate laboratory utilization in clinical laboratories

Project team

Efficient and appropriate laboratory utilization can help improve stewardship of limited resources and contribute to patient safety. Additionally, fewer unnecessary tests may reduce testing demand and decrease healthcare costs associated with laboratory testing. To achieve this, it is essential to minimize the amount of inappropriate or redundant testing orders placed by physicians.

We are evaluating the appropriateness of testing in several areas of Laboratory Medicine, starting with the top 10 popular order sets.

Concurrently, we are sharing methodology across disciplines, reviewing various materials (communications, patient support documents), and initiating collaboration with colleagues from other departments.

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We held a workshop on May 5, 2021, covering an update and discussion on the project, presented by Dr. Michelle Sholzberg and Dr. Daniel Beriault.

Appropriate laboratory test utilization to enhance patient safety and reduce waste (part two of a Quality Council workshop)

Other working groups of interest

The Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists (CSCC) Utilization Management Interest Group aims to share best practices for laboratory utilization management among other laboratories, develop recommendations for laboratory utilization management, and promote optimal laboratory utilization among laboratory users.

Current available guidelines

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