Strategic plan 2015–2020: Vision 2020

Strategic planning 2015-2020

In 2014, LMP established a Strategic Planning Steering Committee. The Committee worked tirelessly to consult broadly within our department and with external stakeholders, and was instrumental in facilitating our highly successful offsite retreat held in October of 2014. 

Vision 2020 defines the unique place of LMP amongst academic departments and articulates four major strategic directions: 

  1. Education 
  2. Collaboration and research 
  3. Visibility and influence 
  4. Engagement, creativity, and alignment 

These important themes allow LMP to continue to work effectively to further increase our performance and impact.   

Download our Strategic plan 2015 - 2020 (PDF) (2.9MB)

Strategic planning 2021

Our planning for 2021 onwards is now underway.