Student Profiles - Undergraduate

Photo Jelena Tanic
Expected HBSc June 2016
LMP has provided me with so many valuable resources and experiences in my undergraduate years. I’ve always wanted to be a doctor, but the variety of courses and experiences LMP offers has also sparked my interest in conducting research alongside clinical practice. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know all of my classmates and many professors due to the program’s small class size. I know that I will take the things that I have learned and the connections that I made at LMP... Read more
Photo Ghassan Awad Elkarim
Completed HBSc 2013
Applying to the LMP Pathobiology Specialist Program was one of the best decisions I ever made. I really enjoyed the courses, such as the laboratory component at the Toronto General Hospital with Dr. Butany where we had the rare privilege to see real-life specimens. The highlights of the program were not only the course content, the faculty and the unique experience that was provided, but also the environment that we, LMP students, created in the classroom. I truly felt that my classmates and I... Read more
Current Position: MD Candidate, University of Toronto Medical School, Class of 2016
William Fung
Completed BSc 2012
To me, LMP is like that quiet cafe you sometimes find just off a busy, bustling street. Outside, there is the high energy, fast pace, and mass of people that is the University of Toronto; inside, in LMP, is a group of very intelligent individuals who surprise me constantly with their talents, who do not hesitate to help each other out (regardless of the time of day!) and people who genuinely love the things that they are learning and doing. It is an excellent environment to learn in, with... Read more
Current Position: MD Candidate, McMaster Medical School, Class of 2015
Macy Chen
Completed HBSc 2012
The LMP community at the University of Toronto is supportive, caring and provides numerous resources. I am thankful to have learned from great mentors and to go through my undergraduate journey with my amazing classmates. I have matured intellectually from the rigorous curriculum and have grown into an aspiring physician scientist who is now ready to pursue my medical career. Choosing Pathobiology as my specialist program was one of the best decisions I made during my undergraduate degree!
Current Position: MD Candidate, Stanford University School of Medicine, Class of 2016
Research Focus:

I have been working as a research student in Dr. Hong Chang's Laboratory Hematology, University Health Network in Toronto, since May 2010, where my projects focus primarily on risk stratification of patients with hematological malignancies.

Sarah Xu
Completed HBSc 2011
LMP changed the way I view research, medicine and collaboration. I never thought that research could be so intellectually stimulating, but through the LMP Summer Student Research Program, I had the opportunity to experience research and appreciate its intellectual reward. Through the Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology Student Union (LMPSU), I met an amazing group of friends who are as motivated as myself. Together, we grew and learned. LMP is such a collaborative program; it's a joy and... Read more
Current Position: MD Candidate, Yale School of Medicine, Class of 2015
Research Focus:

I investigated the role of the cancer microenvironment on tumour growth such as how hypoxia promotes cancer cell proliferation and agiogenesis. I also investigated the role of the immune system in cancer development, as well as discovering new biomarkers that are important in prognosis.

Liuba Krichevsky
Completed HBSc 2011
I consider myself very fortunate to have been a part of the LMP Specialist Program during my undergraduate studies. The research-oriented nature of the program, as well as the enthusiasm and motivation of Dr. Templeton and other professors, were very important factors in my decision to pursue graduate studies and a future career in research.
Current Position: MD Candidate, University of Toronto Medical School, Class of 2018
Photo Stephen Mack
Completed BSc 2006
For me, the most unique aspect of the LMP program was the chance to experience a small and interactive classroom setting. The LMP lecturers were not only valuable as instructors, but also as mentors, providing academic guidance and opportunities for research.
Current Position: Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Cleveland Clinic, Lerner Research Instititute
Research Focus:

Identifying metabolic and epigenetic cancer dependencies in adult and pediatric brain tumors.

Michael Herman Chui
Completed HBSc 2006
The LMP undergraduate program enabled me to develop a comprehensive understanding of disease pathogenesis and has prepared me well for medical school. The teaching from both basic scientists and clinicians is unique to the LMP undergraduate program and gives students an appreciation of the relevance and applications of molecular and cellular biology in clinical medicine. I am presently in my third year of residency in Pathology at the University of Toronto and hope to pursue a career as a... Read more
Current Position: Resident Physician, Pathology - LMP, University of Toronto