Undergraduate Students Conducting Research


As one of the most prestigious departments of its kind, LMP offers undergraduates high quality education with a broad spectrum of choice. Throughout this spectrum, we emphasize the importance of investigating the causes and mechanisms of disease and the resulting impact on human health.

Arts and Science Specialist Program in Pathobiology: Attracting the best and the brightest, the LMP Pathobiology Specialist Program accepts a limited number of applicants. This exceptional program will provide you with a broad understanding of contemporary medical research and the basic scientific underpinnings that have revolutionized our knowledge of disease and its treatment. Learn more.

Undergraduate MedicineUndergraduate Medical Electives, Transition to Residency, and summer research opportunities for medical students. Learn more.

Summer Student Research Program: Our Summer Student Research Program is open to all undergraduate students and allows you the perfect opportunity to pursue your research interests. For at least 12 weeks during the summer, you will engage in full-time research by proposing, executing and presenting your personal research project for feedback and evaluation. Learn more.