Undergraduate Medicine

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Undergraduate Medical Electives

LMP welcomes undergraduate students interested in obtaining Laboratory Medicine experience to apply for an elective rotation within our department.

Information for University of Toronto Students –http://www.md.utoronto.ca/program/electives/UofTelectives.htm

Information for Visiting Students (Canada, US and International) - http://www.md.utoronto.ca/students/visiting.htm

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Transition to Residency - TTR 410Y

This course is 14 weeks in length and will introduce students to a wide range of activities, which will be valuable both for personal development and for satisfying course requirements, and which can provide graduated responsibility to final year medical students.

Information is available at http://ttrfd.med.utoronto.ca/

Summer Research Opportunities for Medical Students

CREMS Summer Research Program

This program provides participating students the opportunity to obtain research experience during the three months of summer. Students in the program must fulfill other requirements for successful completion, including timely submission of written reports and attendance at seminars. They are also expected to present their work at the U of T Medical Student Research Day which is held in the spring of the following year with a poster presentation.

Information is available at http://www.md.utoronto.ca/summer-research-programs

Dr. Daria Haust Studentship - Hospital for Sick Children

The Dr. M. Daria Haust Pathology Studentship shall be used each year towards funding one studentship for University of Toronto medical students, to undertake research, clinical work or academic endeavours within the Department of Paediatric Laboratory Medicine at The Hospital for Sick Children. Preference will be given to medical students in the summer immediately after their first or second year of medical school.

Click here to download the application form & instructions.

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