Eldad Zacksenhaus
Eldad Zacksenhaus
BSc, PhD
Contact information
Canadian Blood Services
67 College St. Rm 407
M5G 2M1
Phone: 416-340-4800
Ext: 5106
Fax: 416-340-3453
Research location: Other (e.g. government, industry, etc.)
Primary Research Area: Cancer
Secondary Research Area: Molecular & Cell Biology
Research Statement:

We are using mouse models, cell and molecular biology and bioinformatics to identify mechanisms of cancer initiation, progression and metastasis, that can be exploited for novel therapy.  We focus on breast and brain cancers, the tumor suppressors Rb, Pten and p53 as well as the HER2 oncogene. We are also studying the effect of the Rb pathway on aging.