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Katerina Pavenski
Associate Professor
Contact information
Laboratory Medicine
St. Michael's Hospital
30 Bond St.
M5B 1W8
Phone: 416-864-5058
Fax: 416-864-3060
Research location: St. Michael's Hospital/Research Institute
Primary Research Area: Hematopathology
Secondary Research Area:
Research Statement: I am involved in clinical research and transfusion guideline development. Transfusion medicine: (RCT: ABLE); massive hemorrhage (RCT: REPLACE, FIBRES; development of provincial MHP); patient blood management: tranexamic acid to reduce transfusions in elective surgery, management of preoperative anemia; therapeutic apheresis: ABO immunoadsorption for ABOI kidney transplantation, RCT: PEXIVAS; thrombotic microangiopathies (RCT: HERCULES).