Donald Branch
Associate Professor
Contact information
Canadian Blood Services
67 College St. Rm 342
M5G 2M1
Phone: 416-313-4458
Fax: 416-974-9757
Research location: Other (e.g. government, industry, etc.)
Primary Research Area: Hematopathology
Secondary Research Area: Infectious Diseases & Immunopathology
Research Statement: Main research: (1) The mechanism of how IVIG and recombinant Fc multimers ameliorate ITP and RA in mouse models. (2) Studies of recombinant proteins and small molecules to replace high-dose IVIG in patients with autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. (3) Use of a phagocytosis assay to predict the clinical significance of antibodies against red cell blood cells and to select donor blood for transfusion into patients with complex antibody problems.