Student Profiles - Postgraduate

Eric Morgen
Currently Completing Anatomical Pathology Clinical and Research Fellowship at U of T
It was during medical school that I decided on a career in anatomical pathology. Initially, it caught my attention as the medical specialty with the most definitive answers for patients and for referring physicians in many domains of medical care. Ultimately, it maintained my interest due to the breadth of practice and deep-rooted ties (both historical and present-day) to basic, clinical, and translational research. When I was deciding on a department for my postgraduate medical training in... Read more
Research Focus:

My research has focused on combining computational biology, epidemiology, and pathology for the discovery and characterization of clinically relevant biomarkers. Prior and ongoing projects include pharmacogenomics and genetic prognostic biomarkers in cancer, placental and serum biomarkers of poor obstetrical outcomes, and the epidemiology of redundant testing in clinical labs. 

Carolyn Jane Shiau
Completed Anatomical Pathology Residency Program 2011, Fellowship in Dermatopathology 2012
In a diagnostic specialty like pathology, one of the most important and valuable educational experiences is seeing the exceptional cases first-hand through your own microscope. The University of Toronto's anatomical pathology residency program gives trainees the opportunity to see the cases that others may only read about in textbooks. The challenge of working through these cases leads to much greater appreciation of the wealth of resources – molecular diagnostics, cytogenetics,... Read more
Current Position: Staff Anatomical Pathologist, Royal Columbian Hospital, New Westminster, British Columbia
Research Focus:

EGFR mutational analysis of lung adenocarcinoma and melanoma in the setting of novel targeted therapeutic agents.

Dana Bailey
Completed Clinical Chemistry Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program 2013
Throughout my doctoral training, I knew that I wanted to apply my biochemistry and analytical expertise directly to public health while, at the same time, maintaining my research interests and teaching. The Clinical Chemistry training program within LMP has not only provided me with this unique niche but has also encouraged me to continue to develop intellectually and to expand my expertise. The support that I have received within the program far exceeds my expectations and I am confident that... Read more
Josh Raizman
Completed Clinical Chemistry Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program 2014
As a recent graduate of the Clinical Chemistry Fellowship program, I am excited to apply my newly acquired skills to laboratory medicine practice. My training at University of Toronto has given me a solid foundation in the field, and through collaborations with UHN and Sickkids, I have developed interests in endocrinology related testing and mass spectrometry. Currently, I am doing further training and fine tuning my skill sets as a Sanford Jackson Fellow at SickKids, working on the CALIPER... Read more
Pauline Henry
Completed Anatomical Pathology Residency Program 2010
I was introduced to the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology while I was a junior medical student during a "Day of the Doctor" assignment. After I returned from my PhD studies as part of the MD/PhD program, I immediately returned to LMP to find additional elective experiences. I was gratified when I was granted a Residency program position in Anatomic Pathology, and made every effort to contribute to the program by playing an active role in committees and events which... Read more
Current Position: Staff Pathologist, Toronto East General Hospital, Toronto, Ontario
Jonathan Lai
Completed Anatomical Pathology Residency Program 2013
I joined the University of Toronto Anatomical Pathology program in 2010. It's been an amazing experience since then. The volume, variety, and complexity of cases that residents see here are first rate. Being able to work with staff who write your textbooks is another privilege residents enjoy here. The opportunities are endless for pursuing research or further education. Next year, I am pursuing fellowship training in dermatopathology in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The elective time I had... Read more
Danielle Brabant
Former Trainee in Clinical Microbiology Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program
I am very excited to have recently started in the clinical microbiology postdoctoral training program. The flexibility of this program allows me to develop the necessary skills to become a manager and consultant while continuing to foster my passion for clinically relevant research. I look forward to the opportunity to teach and mentor as I become more knowledgeable in the field. I am confident that choosing clinical microbiology as a career path will allow me to realize my full potential... Read more
Mathew Estey
Completed Clinical Biochemistry Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program 2013
The Clinical Chemistry Postdoctoral program in the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology combines both medicine and research. Fellows are educated in the methodology, clinical utility, and interpretation of laboratory tests, quality control and quality assurance, and laboratory management. This is achieved through a combination of structured courses, journal clubs, tutorials, self directed learning, and rotations through the various clinical chemistry labs in the Toronto area. The... Read more
Current Position: Clinical Biochemist, DynaLIFEDx, Edmonton, Alberta
Research Focus:

Hemoglobinopathies, celiac disease and cobalt/chromium toxicity.

Tracy Teodoro
Completed Clinical Chemistry Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program 2014
With a PhD in Biochemistry, I was very happy to find a program where my skills and talents could be applied to clinical practice. As a fellow in Clinical Chemistry, LMP, I am currently exploring the world of laboratory medicine at Mount Sinai hospital and applying my knowledge of laboratory practice to hospital service and patient care. In Toronto, the opportunities for learning are endless, with several teaching hospitals including Mount Sinai, Sick Kids, Toronto General and Princess Margaret... Read more
Will Chen
Completed Anatomical Pathology Residency Program 2013
I am very happy with choosing the Department of Laboratory Medicine at the University of Toronto for my pathology residency training. It is the largest pathology program in Canada and offers a huge variety and volume of cases that is essential for excellent training in pathology. Many faculty members are experts in their fields and amazing teachers. I really enjoy the fact that there are ample research opportunities: you can approach any staff for a research project and they will be fully... Read more
Research Focus:

I have worked on projects related to immunohistochemistry of human papillomavirus in squamous cell cancer of the head and neck and on projects relating to a very rare form of T-cell lymphoma.

Clarissa Cassol
Currently Completing Anatomical Pathology Residency Program
Early on in medical school, I decided to pursue a career in anatomical pathology after my first exposure to basic pathology courses. I found it amazing to be able to understand the underlying basis of diseases. Beyond the study of disease, I also came to understand the equally fascinating diagnostic side of pathology. As pathologists, we can have a direct impact on patients' care by accurately determining the nature and extent of their diseases and provide information of prognostic and... Read more
Research Focus:

Molecular Pathology of Pheochromocytomas and Paragangliomas and Familial Paraganglioma Syndromes and assessment of renal function with nephron-sparing treatments of renal cell carcinoma.