Awards and Bursaries


Norman Bethune Award

The aim of this award is to recognize and encourage young, talented researchers on the threshold of their careers. All LMP microbiology residents and post-doctoral diploma trainees are eligible to apply. The amount awarded each year is based on the annual income/interest gained on the endowed fund.

Applications should include the following:

  • a letter outlining the applicant's research activities and accomplishments, indicating why the applicant should recieve the award

  • the applicant's resume

  • two letters of reference

* six copies of the application should be submitted

Please submit your application package by March 30th directly to the Program Director.

Professional Development Fund

As of July 1, 2015, all residents and post-doctoral trainees in either Clinical Chemistry or Clinical Microbiology in the Post-Graduate Unit in the Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology can expense up to $800.00 for educational expenses (e.g.: text books, conference registration, computer equipment, conferences expenses) per academic session. 

The reimbursement form should be accompanied by:

  • original store receipt

  • emailed or online invoice indicating how the item was purchased

  • if the invoice does not indicate how the item was purchased, a credit card statement must be provided

  • boarding passes for airfare expenses

Please submit your documentation to the Post-Graduate Coordinator. All claims must be made by June 30 of the current academic session. All purchases must be made within the same academic year as the reimbursement claim.