LMP Faculty Promotions 2018

Thursday, May 03, 2018

We are pleased to congratulate the six faculty members in LMP who received approval for promotion effective July 1, 2018.  These promotions are richly deserved and a testament to the significant academic contributions and impact of these individuals.


Faculty promoted to the rank of Professor

Stephen Girardin, Campus

Dr. Girardin is an internationally recognized expert on the Nod receptors and their role in detecting bacteria cell wall fragments.  His pioneering work has introduced new concepts in gastrointestinal disease, which has implications for cancer biology.   He is also active in undergraduate and graduate education and has received recognition for developing an an innovative course combining fundamental lectures on the main concepts of innate immunity and providing opportunities to stimulate students to critically analyze the literature on the subject.

Faculty promoted to the rank of Associate Professor

Carol Cheung, University Health Network

Dr. Cheung is recognized as s a rising star in the field of quality assurance for biomarker testing in immunohistochemistry.  She has made independent and novel contributions in the field, including lead authorship on two of the four guiding papers in quality assurance in immunohistochemical biomarker testing published as “The Evolution Series.”  Dr. Cheung has developed a national and international reputation based on this work as well as her other interests in modeling pathologist workloads and addressing legal and ethical issues that affect laboratory medicine and pathology.


Vathany Kulasingam, University Health Network

Dr. Kulasingam is nationally recognized as an expert in mass spectrometry.  She is distinguished by her excellent creative professional activities which include establishing international mass spectrometry guidelines for clinical chemistry practice, developing innovative diagnostics in the field and advancing clinical chemistry education in mass spectrometry.  Dr. Kulasingam is recognized nationally and internationally as evidenced by her invitations to speak at top clinical chemistry conferences, visiting professorships, and participation in national committees.


Jordan Lerner-Ellis, Mount Sinai Hospital

Dr. Lerner-Ellis has made significant contributions by creating the Canadian Open Genetics Repository, which has had a wide-ranging impact nationally and opened opportunities for collaborations internationally.  His efforts to harmonize genetic testing analysis/interpretation and reporting, using tools that he has developed, is a major contribution that will have long term impact on improving diagnosis, predicting prognosis and managing malignancies and in addition supporting scholarly activities.


Patrick Shannon, Mount Sinai Hospital

Dr. Shannon is recognized as a national expert in perinatal neuropathology and his significant scholarly contributions have changed antenatal practice by providing expert interpretation of placental pathology and fetal autopsy findings.  He has developed and implemented specialized autopsy procedures for fetal central nervous system examination, integrated within the larger perinatal autopsy service, and organized radiological, clinical and genetic correlation in order to identify and clarify basic pathophysiological and malformative entitles.  His work has important implications by giving parents information that allow them to make evidence-based decisions.  His invaluable contributions have advanced the fields of perinatal pathology and developmental neuropathology.

Paul Yip, University Health Network

Dr. Yip has made significant and sustained contributions on quality assurance and building a sustained training environment with a strong focus on education which have had significant impact to the Canadian Clinical Biochemistry community.  His accomplishments are recognized by peers as evidenced by his leadership appointments in top clinical chemistry organizations in Canada and the United States.  Dr. Yip is also commended for his exemplary teaching activities at all levels.