LMP faculty promotions 2014

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Richard G. Hegele, MD, FRCPC, PhD:

On behalf of Dean Catharine Whiteside, I am pleased to congratulate the four faculty members in LMP who received approval from the Provost for promotion effective July 1, 2014. These highly respected individuals are being recognized for their accomplishments in scholarship, teaching and service.  All have excelled in creative professional activity relevant to our discipline.

Please join me in congratulating the following LMP faculty members on their promotions:

  Faculty promoted to the rank of Professor
Michael Pollanen, Ontario Forensic Pathology Service
Prof. Pollanen is internationally renowned for promoting excellence in forensic pathology as a profession, public service and academic discipline.  His contributions are wide-ranging and have had monumental impact in the local, national and international arenas. These accomplishments include reform of public service and policy, advancement of education and training in forensic pathology, and international capacity building.
  Faculty promoted to the rank of Associate Professor
Oyedele Adeyi, University Health Network
Prof. Adeyi is recognized as a national and emerging international expert in liver and transplantation pathology. His creative professional activities in this area have led to key appointments on several think-tank organizations which have changed standards of practice through the development of guidelines and standardized (synoptic) pathology reports. 

Elena Kolomietz, Mount Sinai Hospital
Prof. Kolomietz has made important advances in reproductive medicine through the development of innovative leading-edge algorithms, tests and programs for the diagnosis of infertility and reproductive failure. These programs have significantly improved reproductive health in Canada.

Aaron Pollett, Mount Sinai Hospital
Prof. Pollett has made significant contributions to the field of gastrointestinal pathology. His creative professional activities include the development and application of molecular diagnostics, including application of biomarkers, to gastrointestinal cancers. He has also developed and enhanced cancer registries which have led to advances in clinical practice.