Exploring the Modern Forefront of Surgical Research

Monday, January 09, 2017
Co-Chairs Kevin Liu and Sudarshan Bala
Co-Chairs Kevin Liu and Sudarshan Bala

Surgery is indispensable in saving lives and extending the human lifespan. The field has moved beyond primitive tools and techniques to optimizing safety and efficacy.  With over 234 million major surgeries performed annually worldwide, innovative tools and technologies are being developed at a rapid rate.

The modern forefront of surgical research will be explored at a conference on January 28, 2017 - Beyond the Lancet: Conference on Surgical Technology and Applications to Disease is packed with presentations by eminent scientists and surgeons.

The conference covers four unique branches of surgical technology:

  • The first half focuses on recent innovations in the surgical applications of robotics and imaging for the treatment of disease.
  • The second half explores new advancements in the fields of reconstruction and transplantation.

Over the lunch break, undergraduate and graduate students, residents, and fellows will present their research in surgical sciences at the poster session.

Hosted by the Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology Student Union (LMPSU) at the University of Toronto, Co-Chairs Sudarshan Bala and Kevin Liu are excited to bring focus to the real-world applications of scientific research.

“As students, we rarely get the chance to see how the laboratory research we perform leads to real, tangible tools that help patients,” said Bala. “Students and faculty will hear firsthand, from leaders in their field, how these innovations are used in operating theaters. We hope this conference promotes discussion and excitement about this research.”

“Ultimately, we want to spotlight the incredible research and advances occurring right here at the University of Toronto,” said Liu.  “From the world’s first triple organ transplant at Toronto General Hospital to pioneering Deep Brain Stimulation at the Department of Neurosurgery to cardiomyocyte transplantation at the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, the University is an international beacon of scientific discovery and novel disease treatment.

 “Organizing Beyond the Lancet, we are exploring the exciting intersection between surgery and pathobiology,” said Liu.

Conference organizers: Kevin Liu, Sudarshan Bala, Michelle Lee, Stefan Jevtic, Khalid Fahoum, Hilary Pang, Alan Huynh, Christian Krustev, Tsz-Ying So, Yuhui Xie, Negar Khosraviani, Ramana Trivedi, Stephanie Lau.

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By Sudarshan Bala and Kevin Liu