Celebrating Research Success at the 2017 LMP Graduate Research Conference

Tuesday, May 23, 2017
Graduate students Alessandra Tuccitto, Nada Haridy, and Claudia Bilodeau
Graduate students Alessandra Tuccitto, Nada Haridy, and Claudia Bilodeau

The 20th Annual LMP Graduate Research Conference (GRC) was held on April 13, 2017 at Chestnut Conference Centre, and proved to be another great success thanks to the commitment and leadership of CLAMPS and GRC organizers. The scientific excellence of our students was demonstrated by over 100 scholarly abstracts, poster presentations, oral presentations and in the 3-minute thesis competition. We extend our gratitude to Dr. Molly Schoichet for giving our Plenary lecture on "Engineering Change in Medicine," and to all our invited speakers for their interesting talks on Emerging Technologies, Advances in Immunotherapy, and Organ Systems and Disease.

We would like to thank all the Faculty members, Research Associates, Postdoctoral Fellows and PhD candidates who contributed their time and knowledge as poster judges. We also recognize our Alumni speakers this year from BenchSci, for sharing their advice and expertise on "From Bench to Business: Careers in the Start-up Industry."

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Lastly, we celebrate the 2017 GRC Poster and Presentation Award winners:

1st Place: 3 Minute thesis Competition
Roxanne Oshidari, PhD student (Dr. Karim Mekhail)

1st Place MSc: Student (Supervisor)

  • Krystal Menezes (Dr. Lorraine Kalia)
  • Saumya Bansal (Dr. Bryan Coburn)
  • Anshula Samarajeewa (Dr. Alain Dabdoub)
  • Filomena Grosso (Drs Martha Brown & Alan Cochrane)
  • Elizabeth Kobylecky (Dr. Arun Seth)
  • Claudia Watorowski (Dr. Darren Yuen)

1st Place PhD: Student (Supervisor)


  • Nadiya Khyzha (Dr. Jason Fish)
  • Chris Morrone (Dr. JoAnne MacLaurin)
  • Joshua Abraham (Dr. Karim Mekhail)
  • Monique Budani  (Dr. Cliff Lingwood)
  • Sowmya Shivanna (Dr. Maria Rozakis)
  • Ashley Di Meo  (Dr. George Yousef)
  • Richard You Wu (Dr. Philip Sherman)
  • Roxanne Oshidari (Dr. Karim Mekhail)
  • Shivani Kamdar (Dr. Bharati Bapat)

2nd Place MSc: Student (Supervisor)


  • Kristiana Xhima (Dr. Isabelle Aubert)
  • Daniel Rosenberg (Dr. Shelley Boyd)
  • Siyavash Hosseinzadeh (Dr. Slava Epelman)
  • Chanele Polenz (Dr. Myron Cybulsky)
  • Byron Chang (Dr. Rita Kandel)
  • Justin Jeon (Dr. Razq Hakem)

2nd Place PhD: Student (Supervisor)


  • Amanda Mohabeer (Dr. Michelle Bendeck)
  • Sonam Dubey (Dr. Isabelle Aubert)
  • Nathaniel Anderson (Dr. Adam Shlien)
  • Liu Zhang (Dr. Rod Bremner)
  • Louisa Wang (Dr. Gerold Schmitt-Ulms)
  • Daniel Tarade (Dr. Michael Ohh)
  • Patryk Skowron (Dr. Michael Taylor)