Professor Jagdish Butany

“Dr. Butany is a driving force. He has a great curiosity as to how things work and the energy to follow up on these cases. That’s what pathology is all about. Following up on applied research and reporting back to the cardiovascular community and... Read More

Conference participants: Jayesh Salvi, David Shih and Punit Saraon

Why are conferences so valuable? In June 2013, PhD candidates Jayesh Salvi, David Shih and Punit Saraon provided an answer to that question when they participated in the high-profile 26th Annual Canadian Student Health Research Forum... Read More

Professors Frances Jamieson and Carolina Mehaffy

Ontario public health officials identify an outbreak of tuberculosis (TB). Immediately the urgent questions begin. How far has it spread? Are the cases related? Who else in the community or in the “cluster” requires treatment? Is the strain drug-... Read More

Tasha Stoltz

“It’s one thing to order a salad in French but it’s quite another thing to conduct research while speaking French,” says third-year LMP undergraduate Pathobiology Specialist Program student Tasha Stoltz.

This summer Stoltz will be... Read More

Dr. John Eble, Editor-in-Chief of Modern Pathology, discusses how to publish successfully.

Interested in publishing successfully? Join us for a journey through the mind of Dr. John Eble (MD), editor-in-chief of one of the most prestigious pathology journals – Modern Pathology. Learn key factors in getting published and how to... Read More

Professor Bapat

Can prostate and colorectal cancer patients receive earlier and more accurate diagnoses and can some of these patients avoid unnecessary treatment? These questions are at the core of innovative research being conducted by the Department of... Read More

Professor Susan Poutanen

It’s been a hot news item lately – fecal transplants as the miracle cure for persistent, costly and often deadly C. difficile infections. While some recent studies are promising, the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology’s... Read More

Ghassan Allo

Why did you choose the Clinician-Investigator Program? I’ve always been a curious person craving to learn about everything. During my residency training, I was inspired to ask and seek answers to a variety of challenging... Read More

Farshad Azimi

Why did you choose LMP? I chose the LMP Pathobiology Specialist Program during my undergraduate degree and then decided to pursue my graduate studies within the same department. When I came to Canada I had been a medical student... Read More

John B. Walter

From publishing multiple textbooks on pathology to teaching several generations of pathologists, dental surgeons, dermatologists and paramedics, the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology’s (LMP) Professor John Walter was actively... Read More

Carl Ren

How did you find your summer research placement? I heard about the opportunity for summer research from a graduate student who said that it was a great experience. I then visited the LMP website and applied to several professors... Read More

Severa Bunda

My scientific journey in the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology (LMP) began during my fourth year of undergraduate studies. During this time I was in the process of completing an HBSc in Cell Biology at the University of Toronto... Read More