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For years there was little hope for children diagnosed with rhabdoid brain tumours. Infants with the rare disease would undergo surgery, chemotherapy and sometimes radiation, but these treatments had toxic side effects and often failed. Now...

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Cindi Morshead, Michael Pollanen, Isabelle Aubert, Cynthia Hawkins, Karim Mekhail, JoAnne McLaurin and Joel Watts

By Katie Babcock and Joey Silburt

From innovative research on brain cancer and neurodegenerative disease to neuro-regenerative strategies and drug design, LMP’s Inaugural Neuroscience Day featured an impressive breadth of...

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Why is research essential to pathology practice? How is research and practice changing over time and how can our residents and trainees best prepare for the future?

To address these important questions, LMP hosted the annual Postgraduate...

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Isabelle Aubert

It’s one of the final frontiers in biomedical research — how to target and treat brain disease. Now a Professor at the University of Toronto’s Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology has found a new way to...

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Henry Cheng, Nadiya Khyzha, Professor Jason Fish, Lan Dang, Emilie Boudreau and Sebastien Njock

Scientists have found that blood vessel cells have a deeper level of communication than previously believed. This discovery could lead to new diagnostics and more targeted treatment for cardiovascular disease, according to research led by...

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John Prassas and Vicki Higgins

By Joey Silburt

Wednesday, April 22, 2015 marked the annual LMP Faculty vs. Students Volleyball Game. Pitting students against their supervisors, this match was an all-out battle for ultimate bragging rights. Reeling from...

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From cancer and diabetes to cardiovascular and infectious diseases, the research at the Annual LMP Graduate Research Conference represented the full breadth of study at the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology (LMP).


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Samir Patel

If you’re returning from abroad with a fever, your doctor will likely test you for malaria. You’ll give multiple blood samples at the lab, and if the results are inconclusive, you’ll face yet another round of tests.

Researchers from the...

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Stephen McCarthy

By Rory McKeown

Since March 2014, Ebola has killed a reported 10, 704 people  – but what if existing medicines could stop it in its tracks?

The final round of the third annual Three Minute Thesis competition at the...

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Jonathan Cook

In 2007, Jonathan Cook played in his final Vans Warped Tour, North America’s longest-running alternative rock festival. Today, he’s a third-year PhD candidate at U of T working with Professor Jeffrey Lee.   

“During the...

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By Raheem Peerani

From March 21 to 28, LMP members travelled to the 2015 United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP) Annual Meeting held in Boston, Massachusetts.

As a second-time attendee, I...

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Heyu Ni

Researchers from the University of Toronto have discovered the cause of a devastating bleeding disorder in the brains of unborn babies. Their findings also suggest a better way to treat this condition, a leading cause of miscarriages.


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Professor Allison McGeer

Congratulations to Professor Allison McGeer for receiving the 2015 May Cohen Award for Women Mentors. Presented by the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), this award recognizes McGeer’s tremendous impact on the lives and careers of her mentees....

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Professor Hong Chang

Congratulations to Professor Hong Chang for winning the 2015 Excellence in Linking Undergraduate Teaching to Research in Life Sciences Award. Presented by the University of Toronto, the award honours Chang’s contribution to the Faculty of...

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Professor Nades Palaniyar

How does the body’s immune system react to invading microorganisms and how can that normally protective function lead to inflammation and disease? Researchers from the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology at U of T believe they’ve...

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Professor Khosrow Adeli

Congratulations to Professor Khosrow Adeli for receiving the Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists Award for Innovation in Laboratory Medicine for 2015.

This award recognizes Adeli and his team for developing the Canadian Laboratory...

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Professor George Yousef

Congratulations to Professor George Yousef for receiving the 2015 Faculty of Medicine Graduate Teaching Award for Early Career Excellence in Graduate Teaching and Mentorship.

This prestigious award is one of six graduate faculty teaching...

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Professor Natasha Crowcroft

By Heidi Singer

A group of University of Toronto researchers is urging the world’s health authorities to overhaul the way vaccine decisions are made and communicated, saying such decisions should no longer be made behind closed...

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Maya Deeb and Alena Zelinka

On Saturday, January 17, over 200 attendees gathered at the University of Toronto for Healing and the Heart: Conference on Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine. From world-renowned presenters to a non-profit networking fair and panel...

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It’s a positive trend – people wanting to address the root causes of disease by directly donating to research.

On January 20, 2015, Colorworks Express Autobody Centers, including its operating managers from Ontario and Alberta, donated $7,...

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