Quercus: Replacing Blackboard/Portal September 2018

March 06, 2018

U of T is replacing the Blackboard (Portal) with “Quercus” (also referred to as Canvas). All courses with online content will be housed in Quercus, which will be fully operational by September 2018. The Blackboard system will no longer be available after August 31, 2018.


February – April 2018:
Test course shells (or sandboxes) have been created for all instructors and support staff currently using Blackboard. These can be used to test and experiment with Quercus. Feel free to upload course materials, create assignments, etc. to familiarize yourself with the features and structure of Quercus courses.

May 2018:
Course shells for all courses starting in September 2018 will be available on Quercus to all Faculty and administrative support staff assigned as instructors or course builders. At this time, instructors can start building their courses in Quercus.

September 2018:
All courses with online content will be accessed through Quercus; courses and course material  in Blackboard will no longer be available.

What Blackboard/Portal Instructors & Course Builders need to do:

  1. Explore Quercus at https://q.utoronto.ca using the test course shell, or sandbox-course, created for all instructors and support staff currently using Blackboard.
  2. Review the Feature Comparison Chart for U of T Instructors and Course Staff.
  3. Archive/Export all Blackboard course content that will be reused in September 2018. The Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation has prepared a guide for Archiving, Exporting and Saving Course content.
  4. Check the Training and Support page for training resources for Instructors and Staff.

For an overview and the current status of the Quercus project, visit: http://toolboxrenewal.utoronto.ca. Check back often, as updates are posted regularly.

Specific questions about the project can be directed to: lme.migration@utoronto.ca