Program Co-ordinator of the Arts and Science Pathobiology Specialist Program

March 20, 2019

I would like to announce that Professor Doug Templeton is stepping down as Program Co-ordinator of the Arts and Science Pathobiology Specialist Program effective April 1, 2019.

He has been in this position since the inception of the Program and was responsible, together with Professor Gotlieb, for taking an idea and turning it into reality. Since its inception in 2000, over 400 students have graduated from the program and many gave gone on to enroll in graduate and MD programs. Several now have faculty positions at highly prestigious universities across North America.  It is considered one of the most select undergraduate Specialist Programs at U of T. It is with deep gratitude that I thank him for his commitment to the undergraduate students. They knew he always had time for them.

However, he is handing the Program over to two very enthusiastic educators and researchers, Professors Jeff Lee and Karim Mekhail, who will serve as Co-Program Coordinators and Associate Chairs, Undergraduate Education- Life Sciences.

Jeff holds a Canada Research Chair in Structural Virology and his research focuses on understanding the mechanisms of viral-host membrane fusion and viral restriction. His laboratory is located in the MSB on the 6th floor. He is very involved in education and teaches courses in LMP. He developed the graduate course LMP 1404 (Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Disease), LMP's graduate foundational course. He has trained numerous undergraduate and graduate students and post-doctoral fellows in his lab. Jeff has also taken on the SURE program (Summer Undergraduate Research Experience) and is committed to mentoring students. He can be reached at<>

Karim holds a Canada Research Chair in Spatial Genome Organization and his research program employs various model systems to study the role of three-dimensional genome dynamics in health and disease. Karim is engaged in education within our department and has created the undergraduate course LMP408H (Genetic Modelling of Human Development and Disease). He has also trained numerous undergraduate students, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows in his lab, which is located in the MaRS Centre's West Tower (661 University Ave., 15th floor). He can be reached at<>

Louella D'Cunha continues in her role as Undergraduate Life Sciences Program Administrator (<>).

Please join me in thanking Doug for his leadership of the Pathobiology Specialist Program and thanking Jeff and Karim for taking on these new roles.

Dr. Rita Kandel