Nicole White
BSc, PhD
Currently Completing Postdoctoral Fellowship
The Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology (LMP) offers great diversity in research areas and a wonderful training experience which is why I was so attracted to this academic center for my post-doctoral fellowship. My current training focuses on the exciting field of epigenetics in prostate cancer and the identification of useful epigenetic marks for use as clinical biomarkers. The outstanding team work and vast expertise of scientists and clinicians within the department allows for the sure success of my project. Working in this department has also given me the opportunity to collaborate with experts in the field. The level of research being conducted at LMP is exceptional and allows you to be competitive on both national and international levels.
Research Focus: 

My research aims to identify epigenetic events that occur in prostate cancer and how to best use these epigenetic changes as useful biomarkers. We use genome-wide methylation profiling to identify the most significant methylation events in prostate cancer vs. healthy normal prostate tissue. These data, along with patient clinical data is used to identify epigenetic changes that are potential clinical markers. We also use cell line models to help understand the effect of differential methylation on molecular pathways and biological functions.