Edward Parker
Completed MSc 2011
Following my undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences at Oxford University, my principal aim on deciding to undertake an MSc with LMP was to gain a deeper appreciation of the laboratory research environment. Although my long-term goal has always been to work in public health, I feel strongly that medical research is connected along a continuum: today’s innovations in the laboratory pave the way for tomorrow’s public health breakthroughs. In this respect, my experiences at the University of Toronto certainly exceeded expectations. My research in the hematology laboratory of Mount Sinai Hospital exposed me to a huge breadth of techniques and processes, while enabling me to think creatively about the design and running of experiments. Alongside this work, I had the privilege of collaborating with NSERC’s Strategic Network for Bioplasmonic Systems, a large multidisciplinary project aiming to develop a nanoparticle-based approach for the diagnosis of lung cancer and leukaemia. In addition to unearthing some exciting results, these efforts enabled me to collaborate with talented researchers from a wide range of backgrounds, and also gave me the opportunity to present findings at several national and international conferences. In light of these varied experiences, I am confident that my time at LMP has equipped me with an invaluable breadth of skills and knowledge for pursuing my ongoing scientific career.
Current Position: 
PhD Candidate, Imperial College London, School of Public Health, United Kingdom
Research Focus: 

Vaccine epidemiology