LMP Workshop Program

Description of Program

The LMP Workshop Program awards students financial support for practical training in an area related their thesis work. The goal of the program is to provide educational opportunities beyond traditional graduate coursework that allow students to learn new technologies or to develop specialized skills.  Successful applicants will receive funds to cover the cost of workshop registration fees as well as travel and accommodation expenses, if required.  The LMP Workshop Program does not provide funds for conferences.

Examples of Workshops and Courses

Examples of eligible workshops can be found by following the links below.  Please email the Graduate Coordinators to assess eligibility of other workshops.

Advanced Optical Microscopy Facility

Canadian Bioinformatics Workshops

Canadian Light Source

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

European Molecular Biology Laboratory




Michener Institute

Student Eligibility

All LMP graduate students are eligible for this program.  Preference will be given to students who provide a clear explanation for how the workshop will benefit their ability to accomplish their research objectives.  

Pre-submission Inquiry

It is recommended that the applicant discuss the suitability of the workshop with their supervisor and then email the Graduate Coordinators before completing the application form.  A link to the workshop site and a brief (a few sentences) explanation of how the workshop relates to the applicant’s research should be included in the email.  Note that funds for this program are limited and not all applications will be approved.


Once the applicant has received a positive response to the pre-submission inquiry, the applicant should apply to the workshop and complete the LMP Workshop Application Form.

The application form will require a justification (250 words or less) for requesting the award. Preference will be given to applicants who are able to demonstrate that the training is not available through existing courses and is important for their research.

The application form will require a budget that includes the workshop registration fees and estimates for travel and accommodation expenses, if required.  Travel and accommodation estimates should be supported by documentation (an airline ticket cost estimate from a travel website; a link to the nightly cost of the hotel where you plan to stay).


There is no deadline for the LMP Workshop Program application. 


If the application is approved, the applicant will be notified of the amount awarded.  Typically, the amount of the award will cover all reasonable expenses up to $5000.  Additional expenditures will have to be covered by the applicant’s supervisor.

After the application is approved, funds will be transferred to the student through ROSI only after proof of acceptance to the workshop has been emailed to the graduate office.  It is the responsibility of the student to book travel and accommodation arrangements, if required.

After the workshop, the student must give the graduate office hardcopy documentation of proof of attendance; as well as accommodation and travel receipts.  The student may be asked to return the award if receipts are not provided in a timely manner.