Courses - Graduate

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All students are required to register at the beginning of each session they are attending and must pay their tuition and incidental fees or make arrangements for deferral of payment. Students are then able to enrol in courses.

  • Course (LMP1001Y) and research activity (RST9999Y) are required and preloaded to students' records in the LMP program. Optional courses may be requested/added through the Student Web Service.
  • Students wishing to take courses outside of LMP must first seek approval from the respective department's course coordinator. Students then request the course through the Student Web Service and forward the course coordinator's approval, along with their student number to the LMP Graduate Office. Courses are then approved on ROSI.
  • Students are responsible for knowing the status of their course requests at all times.

Course Descriptions

Not all courses are offered every year. Please check the timetable for course availability. 

Courses for Collaborative Programs: