Selection of a Supervisor

All students must secure an appropriate LMP Graduate faculty supervisor before initial registration in a graduate program. The selection of a supervisor is of utmost importance and should be made carefully. Students usually select a supervisor after they have been accepted into the program and before they formally begin the degree program.

Although applicants may contact potential supervisors before being admitted, supervisors can only officially accept a student after the student has met the admission requirements and received an offer of admission.

The process is complete when the faculty member agrees to accept the student into their research program and agrees to pay the minimum required stipend. 

All students and supervisors must complete a Graduate Student Agreement before the program starts.

If you require assistance in identifying supervisors, you should make an appointment with the Graduate Coordinator.

Note for international (visa) students: These students are encouraged to contact faculty members during the application phase in order to have the support of a potential supervisor prior to the application deadline. A student may be recommended for admission but may not gain admission without the availability of a supervisor and financial support. The Department cannot accept students who are privately or self-financed.