Graduate Admissions FAQ Page

1. My previous studies are from outside of Canada. Do I need to have completed the GRE and/or English Facility Test before submitting my application?

For applicants who have studied outside of Canada, adequate GRE and English Proficiency Test* scores must be submitted along with your application, before the posted deadline.
If you do not have the required test scores, your application will be considered incomplete. If there are barriers preventing you from taking the test (e.g., it is not offered in your region prior to the application deadline) please contact the Graduate Office.

*Exemptions for English Proficiency requirements are listed on the School of Graduate Studies website. 

2. What do you expect in the Statement of Intent?

The Statement of Intent should be approximately 250 words describing your research interests.
You may submit the Statement in MS Word or PDF format.

3. Do I require transcripts from all of the post-secondary institutions attended?

Yes, transcripts are required for any post-secondary institution attended, regardless of coursework, even if no credits were received.

For online application purposes, unofficial transcripts are acceptable for studies completed at a recognized Canadian post-secondary institution. For all other institutions, official transcripts are required for the online application.

Applicants who attended universities outside North America must provide notarized English translations to accompany all foreign documentation not written in English. Academic records must be enclosed in an envelope provided by the institution(s) and sealed or signed across the back of the envelope. These may be mailed directly from the institution or sent through the applicant (DO NOT OPEN transcripts issued to applicant). Faxed records are not acceptable. Documents will not be returned to the applicant. If academic records are interim, pending completion of studies in progress, official final academic records indicating the degree has been conferred must be submitted to the graduate office as soon as possible and before admission can be finalized.

NOTE: Official transcripts are required as a condition of admission. For full details please read the relevant section of Application Process.

4. Are there specific reference forms to be used?

Yes, the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology requires a Confidential Assessment Form from referees.
Once you have confirmed your application information by moving to payment, the system will email your referees and ask them to complete the referee form. They will be asked to submit an electronic copy of the reference in Word or PDF after logging in to the School of Graduate Studies online application system. In the rare case that your referee does not have access to email, contact the Graduate Office as soon as possible. 

If referees wish to attach a secondary letter, it should be written on institutional letterhead. All hard copy reference letters are to be submitted in a sealed envelope, with the referee's signature across the seal. When submitting your application, do not open the envelope(s).

Letters of reference will be part of the official student academic record. They are confidential and applicants/students will not have access to them at any time.

If you still have questions about applying to the LMP Graduate Program, please contact the Graduate Office.