Third Year Review

All full-time clinical faculty at the University of Toronto are required to undergo an in-depth 3-year review marking the end of their probationary appointment.  Academic activities of new clinical faculty are reviewed by the LMP Promotions and Appointments Committee who will make a recommendation for a “continuing annual appointment.”

In LMP, third year academic performance review is also conducted for primary Status-Only faculty in fully affiliated hospitals.   The purpose of the review is to give the faculty member feedback with regards to his/her academic career. 

The 3-year review is flexibly designed with the aim of eliciting and considering all possible relevant information. Course evaluation and opinions of individual students are also considered.  Written comments from other department members, formally or informally acquainted with the appointee's teaching or scholarship, are solicited. The appointee may submit an account of research or creative professional activity, if applicable, which has been completed or undertaken since the time of initial appointment.

Dossier Requirements

  1. A cover letter (maximum 3 pages) summarizing your accomplishments and future direction in scholarly work and teaching.
  2. A current curriculum vitae (use template).
  3. A brief outline of your creative professional activity, if applicable.
  4. A teaching dossier, including teaching evaluation scores or student evaluations, if applicable.  Please indicate clearly whether you have major responsibility for design of a course.
  5. Copies of your three most significant publications (i.e., ones for which you are either the first or corresponding author, or to which you made a major contribution) since your appointment.  You may include significant papers that have been submitted or are in preparation.  For each publication, write a short paragraph describing its significance and your contribution.
  6. For full-time clinical faculty, copy of your original academic position description (formerly called job description) formulated during the recruitment process that outlines percentage of time for research, teaching, administration, and defines the objectives and expectations of your role.  If there are changes to your job description, an updated academic job description signed by you and your clinical head  should be submitted.
  7. A list of 3 referees from within the University of Toronto community from whom letters of recommendation could be sought, including, in each case, a brief justification of their expertise. These referees can be your colleagues from LMP or another UofT department.  Please provide their contact information, including email address.
  8. A list of 3 trainee referees who can assess your teaching skills (include their contact information and email address).
  9. A list of potential referees who you have a conflict of interest.

The 3-year review will be conducted by the LMP Promotions and Appointments Committee.  Upon completion of the review, the Department Chair will notify the faculty member of the outcome and provide a detailed feedback.