Final Documentation Checklist


Deadline: Friday, September 6, 2019
Documents are to be uploaded in Laserfiche.  Referee Lists send directly to LMP HR Coordinator.


Candidates recommended by the LMP Departmental Promotions Committee (DPC) to move forward in the promotion process will need to submit their final dossier electronically using the Faculty of Medicine on-line academic promotion system, Laserfiche.

1. Review Web Profile

  • Review your research profile on the LMP website.  Your profile will be sent to potential referees to give them a brief background on your academic activities.

2. Laserfiche Academic Promotion System

  • The candidate will receive an email with their unique Promotion ID.
  • Please upload documents as pdf with a maximum file size of 10MB.  Separate large documents if necessary.
  • Document name should NOT contain spaces, hyphens, commas, brackets or extra dots.
  • Documents must uploaded into the following Laserfiche Document Categories:

     i. Curriculum Vitae

  • Cover Letter
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • List of 5 most significant publications & including a short paragraph describing the significance and your contribution
  • Copies of your 5 most significant publications

     ii.  Research, if applicable

  • Research Statement
  • Data Summary Sheet, Research Awards
  • Data Summary Sheet, Refereed Publications
  • Data Summary Sheet, Research Supervision
  • H-index and Citation Report

     iii.  Creative Professional Activity, if applicable

  • Creative Professional Activity Report
  • Quality Improvement report, if applicable (see template Standards for Quality Improvement Reporting Excellence,
  • CPA attachments (organize your attachments so that all related documents are combined as one file.  It is highly recommended that you 'bookmark' large files.)
  • CPA appraisal letters from community agencies, colleagues, etc. (if applicable)

     iv. Teaching and Education

  • Teaching & Education Report
  • Data Summary Sheet, Teaching
  • Teaching Evaluation Scores (TES)/ other evaluations (upload all evaluations as one file, if possible or combine TES scores per  level, e.g. all undergraduate medical TES scores as one file)

     v. Administrative Service

  • Administrative Service Documentation (highly recommended to submit even a brief report)

The following documents should be sent directly to the LMP HR Coordinator.  DO NOT UPLOAD in Laserfiche.

3. Referee Lists

     i. External Referees

  • External Referee List (use LMP form)
    • External to the University of Toronto and its affiliated hospitals.
    • Only suggest arms-length referees.  No former supervisors, collaborators (within the last 5 years) or students (e.g. CANNOT be co-authors or co-investigators/co-applicants on grants)
    • Academic rank must be equal to or greater than the rank being sought for promotion.
    • DO NOT submit more than 3 names.
    • Ensure current contact information

     ii. Internal Referees (though no longer mandatory, candidates can submit possible internal referees.)

  • Internal Referee List (use LMP form)
    • Internal to the University of Toronto and its affiliated hospitals but NOT a faculty member of Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology (No cross-appointed LMP faculty.)
    • For a list of LMP appointed faculty, click here.
    • No former supervisors, collaborators (within the last 5 years) or students (i.e. cannot be co-authors or co-investigators/ co-applicants on grants.)
    • Academic rank must be equal to or greater than the rank being sought for promotion.
    • Ensure current contact information

     iii.  Colleague Referees

  • Colleague Referee List (use LMP form)
    • Colleague referees should be able to understand your scholarly contributions and its impact in the field.
    • It can be a current or previous collaborator (i.e. co-author on papers or co-PI/ co-applicants on grants.)
    • Colleague referees can be (1) LMP faculty, (2) affiliated with UofT or (3) external to UofT.
    • Ensure current contact information
    • Preferred  if academic rank is equal to or greater than the rank being sought for promotion

     iv. Student Referees

  • Student Referee List (use LMP form)
    • It can be current or former student.
    • Ensure current contact information

The Chair will seek assessments from other departments at the University of Toronto where the candidate holds cross-appointments, as well as other external and internal referees. Internal referees will be sought beyond the candidate's local institution and will not necessarily be those named by the candidate.