Criteria for Promotion (to Assistant Professor) - Clinical Faculty

from the Faculty of Medicine Operations Manual of the Faculty Appointments Advisory Committee (December 2015)

Promotion to the rank of Assistant Professor is based on obtaining advanced degree or sustained commitment to the academic mission of the Faculty of Medicine.  There are no set timelines, but generally, for the criterion of sustained teaching excellence, the candidate would need to demonstrate sustained contributions and scholarship in the Faculty of Medicine for at least three years.

Advanced Degree

  • The candidate must show successful completion of a recognized graduate program (or an advanced training experience deemed to be equivalent to a Master’s level program. In some cases one to two years of fellowship training or a one to two year teaching certificate program will be considered the equivalent to an advanced degree). The degree program must have been completed as documented by the successful defense of a thesis or awarding of the degree before submission of the request for appointment.  Normally the thesis results in at least one first authored scholarly publication in a high quality peer reviewed journal.
  • In situations where the member has completed equivalent fellowship training but is currently enrolled in a graduate studies program, the appointment will be as Lecturer until completion of that degree program.
  • It is expected that the candidate will have at least one or two published (or accepted) first authored peer‐reviewed publications in well regarded journals in their field excluding case reports, editorials, letters to editor, book reviews.

Sustained Commitment

The candidate must clearly demonstrate educational accomplishments that includes convincing evidence of one or more of the following:

  1. Sustained teaching excellence, i.e. a summary of a strong teaching dossier that includes:
    1. analysis of student/trainee evaluations with comparisons against peer teachers;
    2. numbers and types of trainees and evidence that the candidate has taught in a variety of teaching environments; and
    3. teaching awards.
  2. Design and development of curricula, educational offerings and/or educational materials.
  3. Creative Professional Activity (CPA) in teaching/education (such as the setting of practice standards). Evidence and impact of CPA must be provided.
  4. Impact of scholarship at local or regional levels should be demonstrated.
  • Generally, advanced training and publications should be sufficiently recent and related to current work, to show some continuity of academic accomplishment to the present.
  • Other evidence of academic achievement, such as research funding, academic positions, patents and invited lectures are considered.